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Dog hotel? More like Dog Camp! Welcome to a place where it is all fun and games!

Want to make new friends, fetch or splash around?
You want it, we've got it!



$35 Pack Boarding

$48 Suite Boarding


House Rules

All rates are in Singapore (human) Dollars and subjected to 7% GST.

Boarding dogs should attend at least 4 days of day care session before boarding.

Boarding fees should be settled before check-in.

There will be an additional festive Surcharge of $28/day per dog  on the eves and actual days of public holidays.


Frequently Asked Human Questions

  • 1. Is night boarding available?

    Yup! If you're out of town, night boarding is a safe, convenient option where your pet will be treated to the same quality service that our day care guests enjoy.

  • 2. How do I know if my dog is ready for pet day care at Sunny Heights?

    All dogs must have gone through a minimum of 4 days in the day care for socialisation and temperament assessment before they are eligible for night boarding

  • 3. What are the different types of boarding offered?

    There are 2 types: Open concept boarding for mingling fun, and penned-up boarding for the private types.

  • 4. What are the rooming arrangements for the larger and smaller dogs?

    We're not size-ist! We group our guests according to temperament, so guests always be around other doggies that they'll get along with, whatever their size.

  • 5. How is Sunny Heights boarding different?

    We take extra care to ensure that our guests get along with maximum socialising without incident, and have watchful staff on hand all day and night with our guests to make sure nothing goes awry.

  • 6. How can I be sure my pet's stay at Sunny Heights is a safe one?

    Our human doggie guards are always on hand and check regularly to ensure the safety of all our furry guests.

  • 7. How frequently are the guests checked on during the night?

    Guests in personal private pens get a final check at 10PM. For the rest of the guests, we have night-watch-humans around all night to attend to them.

  • 8. What happens if guests fall ill or require medical attention during their stay?

    In the unfortunate event that your pet should require medical attention while in our care, our established procedure is to contact your family veterinarian. If they are not available, ill doggies will be brought to the nearest veterinary emergency clinic. We'll make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact person.

  • 9. How can i check on my pet?

    You can always call us during our operating hours to check on them or find out what they're up to with our online cameras.

  • 10. What can i pack for my pet's stay at Sunny Heights?

    Want your best friend to feel at home? You're welcome to bring a washable blanket, one small toy and your pets' favourite non-perishable treats to make their stay perfect! You can also pack their preferred brand of food, supplements (if any) and medication (if any).

  • 11. Can my family and I have a look at the facility?

    Yes. You and your family are welcome to tour our facility during our operating hours between 9:00AM to 6:30PM DAILY.

  • 12. Do I need to make reservations for pet day care and boarding?

    Reservations are required for pet day care as well as boarding, with weekends, public holidays and festive season being the most popular. As such, we advise that your humans book your visit in advance. They can reach us at (+65)63149363 for more information or visit our website on for more information.